We are Earl and Shirley Wilbers. Deaf Ministries Connection focus is on connecting people. We do not preach or train or do anything else. Our goal is that if a person is looking for any type of Deaf Ministry they can easily find it through our ministry. We started out with 5 addresses in 1995 handwritten and sent to college students looking for information. Today we have expanded to having this website, a notebook of some 80 pages, and a CD -Rom with 4 different computer programs as well as a database. We place the notebook in public and college libraries as well as anyplace else that is interested in finding Deaf Ministries.

For those not familiar with Christian  or Deaf  abbreviations/terms we have included explanations of common ones used on the website

ASL  American Sign Language

S. S.    Sunday School -  most churches have  a time either before or after the worship service where people meet in small groups to discuss a chosen Scripture or topic

C.C. Closed captioned      TV -videos – DVD’s etc  will put whats  verbally said into written phrases at the bottom of the screen

Deaf Church – fully functioning church with either a Deaf Pastor or a hearing Pastor who uses sign language- Deaf members are in leadership roles- note:  if a group of Deaf meet regularly for worship using sign language we include that under the Deaf Church category.

TTY  – Teletypewriter  – Deaf communicate through  typing via a keyboard and  specific type of phone – rarely used anymore

videophone – Deaf  communicate directly by webcam  or through a relay service to hearing people

webstreamed – videos posted online – we have a section listed under videos where we list churches/ministries that have their sermons/messages in sign language online.

If you can’t find the ministry/church you are looking for in the churches/ministries section then check the “other Deaf Ministries” under websites. That is where we link to churches/ministries that we have not gotten official permission to include in our directory. If you are looking for a church under interpreted services and are clicking on their website for information – most churches will list their Deaf Ministry under  ministries or outreach – s0metimes under disabilities

Also many church  have special events for Christmas. If you are looking for a church that has  events in sign language check the news section. I have included  churches that will be doing special dramas or  programs in sign language- most of them given by Deaf themselves.

Thanks to those of you who have waited so patiently for us to include your current and updated information. We are always interested in including more Deaf Ministries to our List.
We are also on Facebook. Look for Deaf Ministries Connection. We try to include more up to date info on different ministries.

Earl and Shirley Wilbers
221 W. Gay St
Harrisonburg Va 22802

6 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. I am so looking forward to speaking with you about “The SHOW and TELL Mission TOUR … to The Potter’s House” really soon!

  2. spottedlee says:

    Hi,, is there a way that you can fix the droplist under “deaf church” and “intrepreted services” I can only go as far as “M” states but not beyound,, even if I maxiize the window.

  3. My wife is in the Navy and she has new orders coming up in a few months. We have the opportunity to select our preferred locations for her next job and this website has been resourceful in determining whether a given location has a deaf ministry, which is important for me, who is deaf. Many thanks for building this database for all to use!

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