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Have you ever wondered when a church or ministry started ?  Before the Internet very few publications printed info about Deaf Ministries.  So we are including this section on our website.  If you want to be included – please give a direct link to the section that talks about your church history.  I prefer NOT to have actual history to put on this page but to have the LINK.   If someone has already done this – please send a link.
Do you enjoy writing but at the same time want to be involved in Deaf Ministry ? One of the great needs is for someone to write Deaf Christian History- whether its about specific Deaf Christians (when was the last time you saw a biography of a Deaf Christian at the local bookstore) or about the history of Deaf Ministries or about Deaf Missionaries who served in other countries .One ministry that IS doing something about it is the Deaf History Center in Texas. They have a building dedicated to Deaf History including Deaf Christian History.  Visit them at


Deaf History International
American Deaf History from beginning of time to the 1990’s –
American Deaf History – Martha’s Vineyard
American timeline of Deaf history links
Japanese Deaf History
American Black Deaf History
Australian -New South Wales Deaf History
African Deaf History
Deaf America and the Second Great Awakening (early 1800’s)
Native American Deaf history  conf on serving D.N.A.  includes info on their experiences ( this is the first website I have seen about it -if I see something with more info will include it)
British Deaf History Society – also has links to other countries deaf history
DeafBlind people in history
U.S. Deaf History – videos by Deaf
Deaf History – Australia
Deaf History Ireland
Deaf in World War 11 Legacy of the Past – history of deaf education around the world starting from most early documents British video -in BSL and Voiced in English

Museum of Deaf History,Arts, and Culture  Olathe Kansas



1800’s  articles on mission work among Deaf in England, Italy, and Egypt
1820 Glasglow Scotland – Deaf Church services start
1836 St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf begins in a 2 room cabin in St Louis Missouri
1839 Miss Wilson Female Orphan Refuge – teacher in India attempts to teach Deaf girl
1850 St. Stephens Church – NYC  Thomas Gallaudet starts Deaf Sunday School Class
1851 Thomas Gallaudet ordained Episcopal priest
1852 St, Ann’s Church for the Deaf – started by Thomas Gallaudet – New York City Episcopal
1859 All Angels Mission to the Deaf Baltimore Md
1868 First Baptist Church Knoxville
1868 Poolemead Home for Deaf Women (gives names of women who lived there)
1872 Birmingham Town Mission -England
1873 Lutheran School for the Deaf – Detroit
1873 St, Saviours Church – London England – built specifically for Deaf – demolished 50 years later and moved to Acton
1875 Ladies Christian Homes for Deaf & Dumb Children – London England -gives list of student names
1876 St. Thomas Deaf Church St Louis MO -Episcopal
1881 Conference of Church Workers among the Deaf – Episcopal
1887 Florence Swainson School for the Deaf India
1888 All Souls Church for the Deaf – Phila
1892 Chicago Mission for the Deaf – (United Methodist) since closed
1894 Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod -first Deaf Churches started
1894 Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – first sermon in sign language
1895 Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf – Baltimore
1897 First Evangelical Deaf Church of Our Saviour in Chicago – 1st confirmation classes


1901  Good Shepherd of the Deaf Lutheran Church
1901 Concordia Seminary – started sign language classes
1902  Cruselle Freeman Church of the Deaf    bought own building in 1962
1904  Deaf Christian School – Cairo Egypt  – Church Missionary Society
1904 Southern Baptist start mission work in Cuba
1906 Deaf Baptist Church built in Ft Worth – stopped functioning in 1949
1909 Deaf Lutheran magazine begins
1911 Charlotte Deaf Mission NC
1913 Silent Mission Ministry to the Deaf begins (Shiloh Baptist Church ) Wash DC

1920  Trinity Deaf Church –  Reading Pa   ELCA  Lutheran
1923 St. Saviours Church (London England) Church moves to Acton
1929 First Full Gospel Church for the Deaf – Los Angeles Ca

1930’s  Curtis Baptist Church – Georgia
1930’s Christ Lutheran Church for the Deaf – Gallaudet
1930 Helen Keller Chapel Sydney Australia  closed in 1970
1931 Jesus Lutheran Church of the Deaf – Austin Tex
1931 John Ross Memorial Church for the Deaf – Glasglow Scotland
1937 St. Matthews Lutheran Church for the Deaf    Newark NJ moves in 1997

1940’s First Baptist Church -Morganton NC
1941 Deaf Christian Fellowship New South Wales Australia
1945 First Baptist Church of Memphis – interpreted services
1945 First Deaf Mennonite Church – Lancaster Pa  built own building –
1947 Mill Neck Family of Organizations
1948 Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf
1948 First Baptist Church Texarkana – Deaf Ministry
1948 Texas Baptist Conference of the Deaf
1948 Central Bible College starts sign language classes
1949 Christ Deaf Lutheran Church – East 25th St Cleveland Ohio – chapel dedicated -moves to Superior Ave in 2000

1950’s Oak Grove Baptist Church starts worship services
1951 Lutheran Deaf Mission Society started
1953 Bill Rice Ranch
1953 Assemblies of God Home Missions -starts Deaf Ministry office
1956    Calvary Deaf Church  Riverside  California
1956 Christian Mission for the Deaf – Michigan ( Andrew Foster founder)
1957 Christian Camp for the Deaf –  – started at Camp Ney A Ti   – then moved to Tn in 2011
1957 Calvary Church of the Brethren – Winchester Va. starts Deaf Church monthly -closes in the early 2000’s.
1958 Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf – Jamaica
1958 First Baptist Church – Parsons – TN starts Deaf Sunday School Class
1958 Georgia Baptist Conference of the Deaf (Southern Baptist) organized
1959 Christian School for the Deaf -Puerto Rico

1960’s Travis Avenue Baptist Church started Deaf Ministry
1960 Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod starts work in Asia
1960 Holy 3 in One Lutheran Church of the Deaf – Houston Tx
1962 First Baptist Church – Hammond In starts Deaf Sunday School Class
1963 Ariel Baptist Church Easley South Carolina – interpreted
1963 Pine Chapel Baptist Church started Deaf Sunday School Class
1964 Illinois Deaf Ministries – Lloyd Crouch
1966 Silent Word Ministries – Georgia
1966 Grace Bible Church of the Deaf – Highland Park Ca
1967 Apostolic Pentecostal Church St. Louis
1967 Andrew Foster takes leadership of the Silent Mission -(Shiloh Baptist Church Wash DC)
1968 Deaf Institute – Ohio
1969 Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation – Philippines – started first class of students
1969 Rancho Sordo Mudo  Mexico


1970 Conference of Church Workers among the Deaf changes name to Episcopal Conference of the Deaf
1970 Deaf Missions Iowa
1971 Christ Church for the Deaf Council Bluff IA
1971 Puente Hills Baptist Church Calif. started Deaf Ministry
1971 International Deaf Lutheran Association
1971 Frederick Church of the Brethren  Frederick Md
1971 International Deaf Lutheran Association
1971 Gospel Ministries for the Deaf   Oregon
1973  Louisiana Deaf Camp A/G
1974 West Hampton Baptist Church started interpreted services as well as Deaf Sunday School Class
1974 American Ministries to the Deaf – PA 1976 Liberty Bible Church -Chesterton IND interpreted service
1976 Grace Baptist Church IN – interpreted services
1976 Christian Deaf Church Portland Ore
1977 Sunset International Bible Institute begins the Deaf Program
1977 New Life Deaf Church Olympia Washington
1977 Overland Park Church of Christ – interpreted services
1977 Ephaphtha School for the Deaf- Cameroon (started by Andrew Foster -turned over to the government)
1977 Fremont Deaf Church Calif
1978 Bethel Baptist Church – Sellersville Pa interpreted services
1979 Immanuel Church for the Deaf Inchon Korea


1980 First Baptist Church -Bowling Green -starts interpreted services
1980 Deaf Liberty Baptist Church  – Kansas City
1980 Deaf Women for Christ- Canada

1980  Paramount Baptist Deaf Mission begins
1981 Church of the Open Door Westminster Md
1981 Ephphatha Deaf School – Burundi
1981 Calvary Baptist Church – Middletown Oh -interpreted services
1981 Family Cathedral of Praise -Texas
1982    Potomac Deaf Church    MD/VA
1983 Deaf Video Communications
1983 Church Interpreter Training Institute – LCMS
1983 North Syracuse Baptist Church started Deaf Ministry
1982 Deaf Youth Camp -Missouri
1983 Deaf Opportunity Outreach
1984 Efata Baptist Church of Callao Peru
1984 American Christian Academy for the Deaf open in Chambersburg Pa
1984 Lavon Dr Baptist Church interpreted
1985 Brentwood Baptist Church – interpreted services
1985 Baptist International Outreach -TN begins
1986 Pleasant View Deaf  Assembly   Minnesota
1986 Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf opens
1986 Annistown Rd Baptist Church starts interpreted services – Georgia
1986 Deaf Church moves to Garnett Assembly of God changed name to Praise Assembly Deaf Church
1986 Storyone (PLano Texas) begins
1986 Annistown Rd Baptist Church begins Deaf Ministry
1987 Bethel Deaf Tabernacle Hamilton Ontario Canada – moved in 1993
1987 Louisville Baptist Deaf Church KY
1986 Capitol City Baptist Church – Quezon City Philippines
1988 Deaf Ministries International – begins work in Kenya
1987 London Christian Deaf Link – continues after Deaf Christian Fellowship Churches close
1988  Central Church of Christ – Bakersfield Ca   – closed in 1996 -moved to Highland
1988 Deaf Bible Church in Top Hill Jamaica – builds own building
1988 American Christian Academy for the Deaf closes – due to funding and mainstreaming
1989 His Love in Action school – Honduras
1989 Deaf Ministries Worldwide
1989 Open Bible Deaf Church – Maryland
1989 Victory Baptist Church of the Deaf – Seabrook Md later moved to Wheaton-became Wheaton Baptist Church of the Deaf
1989 Faith Community Baptist Church – Singapore
1989 Friendship Baptist Church – Ohio


1990 Amador Valley Baptist Church – starts Deaf Ministry – closes in 1998- Deaf move to another location
1990 Deaf Assembly of God – Southside A/G Jackson MS
1991 Bethany Baptist Church of the Deaf moves to own building (American Legion) and changes name to Bethany Deaf Church -Kirkwood MO
1991 Wheaton Baptist Deaf Church in Maryland closed and changed to Hampshire View
1991 East Boulder Baptist Church Colorado
1991 National Deaf Culture Fellowship (Assemblies of God) forms
1992 Northland Deaf Church begins ministry
1992 Lancaster Baptist Church (Calif) starts interpreting services
1992 University Baptist Church starts Deaf Church
1993 St. Matthew Lutheran Church Bel Air – interpreting services
1993 Liberty Deaf Assembly (Baton Rouge)
1993     Orange County Deaf Church    California
1993 International Institute of Deaf Services
1994 New Life Deaf Church -Milton Ontario ( Deaf had moved church from Hamilton because of more central location )
1994 Harvest Deaf Ministries – Ringgold Ga
1994 Belo Horizonte YWAM – Brazil
1993 Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc – Philippines
1994 Canaan Assembly of God Boonville MS
1994 Grove Level Baptist Church
1995 Deaf Christian Church – Brookhaven Pa closed in 2005 to merge with Philly Deaf
1994 National Christian Convention of the Deaf
1994 Simferopol Baptist Deaf Church Ukraine
1995 Hands of Praise Deaf Church Tacoma
1995 Earl and Shirley Wilbers start the Deaf Ministries List – which becomes Deaf Ministries Connection
1994 New Life Deaf Fellowship Ft Worth -merger of 3 Deaf Ministries/Churches
1995 Deaf Evangelism and Fellowship – New York – Steve Blann
1995 Deaf Family Ministries
1995 Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church
1996 New Life Deaf Ministry – Honduras
1996 Sacramento Bible Church for the Deaf
1996 Highland Church of Christ
1996   Deaf Michiana Missionary Church   Indiana
1996 Silent Blessings – Indiana
1996 Hands in Motion – Iowa
1997 Church of South India Tirunelvel
1997 St, Matthews Lutheran Church of the Deaf moves from Newark to Clifton NJ closed in 2002 – now interpreted services

1997 Vallejo Deaf Church
1998 Midlands Deaf Church (South Carolina) begins services
1997      First Signs of Love – Arkansas
1999 Green River Area Deaf Fellowship Ky
1998 Christian Deaf Link UK starts up after London Christian Deaf Link stops
1998 southeast Bible Baptist Church – Penfield NY
1998 Tri-State School of Theology for the Deaf – first graduation
Lighthouse Chapel of the Deaf
Deaf Baptist Church – Fremont Ca
1998 Deaf Youth Impact – Kansas City Mo
1998 Midlands Deaf Church South Carolina
1998 Liberty Deaf Assembly (Baton Rouge) builds their church building
1998 God’s Hands Agency
1998 Lift Up Your Hands Ministries
1999 United Methodist Church of Zimbabwe starts Deaf Ministry in Mutare
Kirbywoods Baptist Deaf Church<
1999 Sword Deaf Bible College
1999 Green River Area Deaf Fellowship – Evansville In founded

1999 Deaf World Ministries
1999 Vallejo Deaf Church starts ministry


2000 Bethany Baptist Church Lubbock Tx starts Deaf Sunday School Class
2000 Free Grace Grace Deaf Church – Preston United Kingdom
2000 Living Word Deaf Church – Virginia
2000 Christ Deaf Lutheran Church in Cleveland moves to a larger building on Superior Ave
2000 First Baptist Church Santa Fe New Mexico – interpreted service
2000 Rock the Silence   Florida
2000 Deaf Prison Ministries Network
2001 Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church
2000 Deaf Teen Quest starts
2000 Deaf Ministries International
2000 Gate Communications
2000 Harvest Deaf Ministries georgia
2001 Bethel A.M.E. Church Deleware
2001 Deaf Baptist Church Smryna Ga
2001 International Christian Centers of the Deaf
2001 Deaf Alive Revival Evangelism (John Graham)
2003 First Baptist Church Taos New Mexico – interpreted service
2003 2003 Happy Hands School for Deaf Children (New Life Deaf Ministry) Honduras
2003 Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church -dedicates Inman Deaf Chapel
2001 St. Paul Baptist Church Dallas TX
2003 World Deaf Assembly of God Conference in South Korea
2003 Guyana Deaf Mission established
2003   – Bethel Deaf Fellowship
2004 Kings Way Baptist Church Douglasville Ga
2006 Friendly Baptist Deaf Church -Kansas
2005 Lisa McClung Hands of Praise
2004 Agape School for the Deaf – Singapore
2005 Praetorium Deaf Church Chicago
2006 Christian Deaf Link UK changes name to GoSign
2005  Con Mis Manos – Matamoros Mexico – Deaf School opens
2005 Bohol Deaf Academy -Philippines – Deaf Christian High School
2007 Deaf Church at Cornerstone – Michigan
2006 East Delevan Baptist Church transitions from Deaf Sunday School Class to Deaf Worship
2006 Faith Missionary Baptist Church Sebring Florida starts interpreted ministry
2007 Renaissance School for the Deaf – Senegal
Georgetown Baptist Church Leicester NC
2007 PhillyDeaf in south Philly Pa
2007 Deaf Church of Tallahassee
2008 Valley Baptist Church – rio Communities New Mexico -Deaf Church
2008 Lighthouse Deaf Baptist Church – Washington
2008 MCCID College of Technology -had been Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc Philippines
2009    Grove Deaf Church Calif
2008 New Destiny Deaf Church Mississippi
2008 South Austin Baptist Deaf Church begins
2009 Deaf Christian Church and PhillyDeaf merge – keep the name PhillyDeaf
Austin Spirit of Life Deaf Church Texas

2010 Masters Hands Deaf Church -moves to own building
2010 Fayetteville Deaf Church
2010 Austin Spirit of Life Deaf Church begins (has own building)
2010 Signs of Life Deaf Fellowship (Staunton Va)
2010 Deaf Child Hope begins
2011 Cornerstone Deaf Church St. Louis
2011 Asheville Deaf Church begins (North Carolina)
2011 Wayne Hills Deaf Fellowship (Waynesboro Va) begins services
2011 Deaf Genesis Apologetics
2012 Blessed Hands Baptist Deaf Church – Big Springs Texas
2012 Oakwood Deaf Community Church Ohio
2012 Lighthouse Baptist Deaf Church INdiana
2014 Deaf Theological Center at Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church opens
2012 Oakwood Deaf Community Church Ohio
Lancaster Baptist Church Lancaster Calif  starts Deaf Church
2015 Indian River Baptist Church – Florida    interpreted
2015 Citywide Church of God Phillipsburg NJ interpreted
2015 Refuge Church for the Deaf Kansas City Mo
2016 Ann Arbor Baptist Church – starts Deaf Church

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