Welcome to Deaf Ministries Connection !    –

Our goal for this site is that you will be able to find a Church-Ministry-School or video that is in YOUR language

If you have recently received an email from us  DO NOT OPEN !!  someone is using our email to send spam  with a website highlighted WE HAVE NOT SENT THIS !!  I did not realize this was happening until I started getting “undeliverable mail” from our server. We have taken steps to attempt to prevent it. but again DELETE –

posting here because of of short time to respond. Mark Ehrlichman is doing a survey of Deaf Ministries that are working with Deaf in prison . his email is  deafservingdeaf@gmail.com  Please ONLY respond if you are CURRENTLY involved in working with Deaf in prison. NOT for those working with hearing ! He needs to have responses by mid-July .



FAQ      Frequently Asked Questions

CHURCHES – United States

Deaf Churches
Interpreted Services
Deaf/Interpreted Churches not listed elsewhere
Deaf Ministries Websites


Churches Worldwide
Australia -New Zealand
Central/South America
United Kingdom

RESOURCES – Interpreting-  Learning Scripture

Resources for Interpreters
Webstreamed videos
Videos Most are in American Sign Language


Youth/ Teen college age
Prison Ministries
Deaf Christian History


Adult  Australia Canada-Philippines  UK
Central America and Caribbean

United States

Pre-School- HIgh School
Mainstream College/University
Colleges/Universities – ASL Classes
Colleges/Universities – Interpreting/Deaf Ministries Majors
Deaf Colleges/Bible Schools


DEAF ORGANIZATIONS – not Christian based

Services– these are secular organizations that focus on different needs that Deaf have – service dogs, counseling etc
 Deaf Websites – Deaf services, Hearing Dogs, DeafBlind -mainly secular (not Christian based)


WEBSITE LINKS – not  Deaf focused but that I think are important

Christian websites – links to Christian radio stations- websites that you can get Bibles (in hundreds of languages) either in audio or read on the web
Disabilities–  links to various Disability org.
Eugenics – links to answer  “why do people reject Deaf and others who are not perfect”
Dutchsinse  forecasts earthquakes around the world -explains scientifically when and where -no captions-daily updates
Human Trafficking -links to agencies that are helping    If you have been forced by another person into working without pay-taken from your home area -forced to participate in sexual activities call this number 1-888-373-7888 they can help you get out of the situation   to text  233-733   Be-Free    interpreters available to communicate


We are also on  Facebook  we give up to date info on different Deaf Ministries activities

To contact us – and give us information about your church  –If you want your church to be included  there is no charge to be listed. We would need your church full name-address=phone=website-email as well as a brief description of what your Deaf Ministry does.





6 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. I am so looking forward to speaking with you about “The SHOW and TELL Mission TOUR … to The Potter’s House” really soon!

  2. spottedlee says:

    Hi,, is there a way that you can fix the droplist under “deaf church” and “intrepreted services” I can only go as far as “M” states but not beyound,, even if I maxiize the window.

  3. My wife is in the Navy and she has new orders coming up in a few months. We have the opportunity to select our preferred locations for her next job and this website has been resourceful in determining whether a given location has a deaf ministry, which is important for me, who is deaf. Many thanks for building this database for all to use!

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