Welcome to Deaf Ministries Connection !    –

Our goal for this site is that you will be able to find a Church-Ministry-School or video that is in YOUR language

We have been doing this for almost 25 years. We have enjoyed doing this and its been a blessing to meet and be in contact with so many of you.  When we first started there was no Internet – no smartphones-  so it was difficult to find Deaf Churches. a lot has changed since then !!

Many of you have been contacted by the Deaf Bible Society to be included in their Deaf Church Where website.  We have been in touch with them for several years. They have the technology and the personnel that could keep track and make contacts faster. So we are basically turning over much of our ministry to them. We will still keep the website going – until it becomes clear that no one is using it anymore -then we will drop it.  We will keep up the Facebook page  since that seems to have more activity and easier to manage.

You can reach Deaf Bible Society at  https://www.deafbiblesociety.com/  

If you are listed on this site (or not) i would encourage you to contact Deaf Bible to list your church or ministry. They  reach more people than we are able to do so it would definitely expand your ministry.  Blessings to you !!


FAQ      Frequently Asked Questions

CHURCHES – United States

Deaf Churches
Interpreted Services
Deaf/Interpreted Churches not listed elsewhere
Deaf Ministries Websites


Churches Worldwide
Australia -New Zealand
Central/South America
United Kingdom

RESOURCES – Interpreting-  Learning Scripture

Resources for Interpreters
Webstreamed videos
Videos Most are in American Sign Language


Youth/ Teen college age
Prison Ministries
Deaf Christian History


Adult  Australia Canada-Philippines  UK
Central America and Caribbean

United States

Pre-School- HIgh School
Mainstream College/University
Colleges/Universities – ASL Classes
Colleges/Universities – Interpreting/Deaf Ministries Majors
Deaf Colleges/Bible Schools


DEAF ORGANIZATIONS – not Christian based

Services– these are secular organizations that focus on different needs that Deaf have – service dogs, counseling etc
 Deaf Websites – Deaf services, Hearing Dogs, DeafBlind -mainly secular (not Christian based)


WEBSITE LINKS – not  Deaf focused but that I think are important

Christian websites – links to Christian radio stations- websites that you can get Bibles (in hundreds of languages) either in audio or read on the web
Disabilities–  links to various Disability org.
Eugenics – links to answer  “why do people reject Deaf and others who are not perfect”
Dutchsinse  forecasts earthquakes around the world -explains scientifically when and where -no captions-daily updates
Human Trafficking -links to agencies that are helping    If you have been forced by another person into working without pay-taken from your home area -forced to participate in sexual activities call this number 1-888-373-7888 they can help you get out of the situation   to text  233-733   Be-Free    interpreters available to communicate


We are also on  Facebook  we give up to date info on different Deaf Ministries activities

To contact us – and give us information about your church  –If you want your church to be included  there is no charge to be listed. We would need your church full name-address=phone=website-email as well as a brief description of what your Deaf Ministry does.





8 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. I am so looking forward to speaking with you about “The SHOW and TELL Mission TOUR … to The Potter’s House” really soon!

  2. spottedlee says:

    Hi,, is there a way that you can fix the droplist under “deaf church” and “intrepreted services” I can only go as far as “M” states but not beyound,, even if I maxiize the window.

  3. My wife is in the Navy and she has new orders coming up in a few months. We have the opportunity to select our preferred locations for her next job and this website has been resourceful in determining whether a given location has a deaf ministry, which is important for me, who is deaf. Many thanks for building this database for all to use!

  4. Bobby Ringle says:

    Good source of resources – much needed – hope you keep this running – Bobby Ringle, Deaf Minister, Columbus, Ohio

    • Shirley says:

      thanks- as long as people access it we will keep it up. Once there is a month or two without anyone checking it then we will think about closing down.

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