Events- updated 12/21/17


Frequently we have been asked to include news of whats been happening in churches or among Deaf Christians . So finally here is the place where you can quickly let everyone know news of your church or ministry . Please remember that once its on this website anyone can access it -including those around the world as well as those who may have been involved in the experience you are sharing.

Email us with the following info – news item – your name -(if you dont want to be listed then the name of your church)
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News: Deaf Alive Christian Center moved- new address

Deaf Alive Christian Church
17417 N.63rd Ave,
Glendale, AZ, 85308.





March 12-21   L’Chaim Deaf Group  – Israel Deaf  tour  facebook tour info

March  23-25   Southern Calif Deaf Women’s Retreat   Gladys Perdoma


April 23-May 3  Biblical Study Tour  – Israel  – God’s Hands Agency –  ASL interpreters

April 27-29  Deaf Institute   50th Celebration at  Cincinnati Christian University


April 30-May  Deaf Christian Cruise – Brad Shaaf Special Guest

May16-19 2018  Deaf Christian Leadership Conference – Deaf Missions  Omaha NE

Apache Creek – Sign Language Camp


June 1-3  Miami Deaf Center – Christian Deaf Retreat

June 4-9  Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch Sign Language Camp

June 27 – July 1.  Signs of Hope Deaf Retreat   -for families who have adopted Deaf children

June 16-20 CODA (Ages 6-Graduation

June 16-20 Deaf Teens (Ages 12-Graduation)

June 16-20 Deaf Teens (Ages 12-Graduation)

June 16-20 Deaf Teens (Ages 12-Graduation)June 16-20 Deaf Teens (Ages 12-Graduation)
June 16-20 Deaf Teens (Ages 12-Graduation)
June 22-26 Deaf Kids (Ages 6-11)
June 22-26 Deaf with Unique Needs (Ages 6 and up)


July  Higher Things   LCMS conferences interpreted

July 2-7  Apache Creek Deaf Camp week

July 4-8  2nd Asian Deaf  Assembly of God Conf    Philippines

July 22-26  Deaf Spiritual Leadership camp   Baptist -children-adult-Florida


OCT 13 14  2018  Deaf Days at Creation Museum and Ark Encounter KY


July 18-21  International Deaf Lutheran Association        Convention -Topeka Ks




From Pat Cochran of Ephphatha Deaf Church in Florida

 Please see the “DONATE” button and give through FB, or you can mail your check TO: Ephphatha Deaf Assembly of God, 2516 La Mee Avenue, Jacksonville, FL. 32207. Write on your check the memo note: “For Deaf hurricane or earthquake victims”. We can provide a letter for your tax receipt. God bless you all! Many thanks for a few people who recently gave donations to help Deaf Floridians who are victims of hurricane Irma.If you know Deaf individuals in Florida, Texas, Mexico, or the Caribbean Islands who honestly need help, please let us know.

For those in PR  check the Puerto Rico Maria Updates Facebook page





One Response to “Events- updated 12/21/17”
  1. cynthiafrey says:

    There is a Deaf Day in October 2013 (in Ohio) at the Creation Museum. It will be phenomenal. How do I post it?

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