Disabilities that also include being Deaf


Many people assume that when they meet a Deaf person the only “issue” they have is not being able to hear. That is true for many who are Deaf. However there are
other health issues that also have hearing loss as a part of the syndrome or a side effect of medications taken or simply ‘life happened” . So a major emphasis of this website is including
disabilities that Deaf people may have . these are in no particular order


Ushers’ Syndrome – http://www.usher-syndrome.org/
Osteogenesis http://www.oif.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FastFacts
Cleft lip/Palate http://www.cleftsmile.org/what-are-cleft-lip-and-palate/
Congenital Heart http://www.mendedlittlehearts.org/about.shtml
the ARC http://www.thearc.org/ for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

– the reason for the emphasis on communication systems is that I became aware several years ago that many people especially adults in their 40’s and on up were being denied the opportunity to communicate due to the belief that because a person could not talk (and they could hear) meant they could not think. The brain is not in the vocal chords ! smile.

Physical Disabilities

Special Education

https://stories.universaldesign.org/ this couple is working at making life situations that people live in truly accessible. also work remotely

http://www.disabilitymuseum.org/dhm/about/about.html Disability History Museum – anything about disabilities from thousands of years ago to today

Adoption – with increased interest in adopting children I have included the following  websites – not all of them are Christian focused

Adoption – Disability

Nightlight Christian Adoptions http://www.nightlight.org/blog/works with children who have all types of disabilities –resources
Arrow Child and Family http://www.arrow.org/ Texas and Maryland,Christian agency that includes adopting/foster care for children with disabilities
Attachment Disorder http://www.attachment.org/ based in Colorado Christian website with info on dealing with attachment disorders of special needs children
All Blessings International http://www.allblessings.org/ourmission/ourmissionhome.shtml
includes children with disabilities
CHASK  http://www.chask.org/ Adopting children with special needs
Adoption  http://adopting.adoption.com/ resources and information on adoption of all types of special needs



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