Disabilities that also include being Deaf

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Several categories

syndromes that include Deafness
Communication systems for those who are nonverbal
Agencies and Ministries
special education
accessibility and advicacy

Syndromes that include Deafness

Cleft lip/Palate
Congenital Heart
the ARC  for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Communication systems

Choosing and Using Curriculum
Different Needz buy/sell/give gently used equipment/toys/medical items
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Institute</a
Education World l
Enabling Devices -toys for children
Assistive Technologies
Boardmaker (software for communication boards
Through The Roof UK
Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships –Canada

Agencies and Ministries

Precious Oil Ministries – ministry to those in comas
Parent Center Network
Mikaylas voice   encouraging kids to include everyone
Access Services
Stephanie Hubach- Presbyterian Church of America

Special Education
Special Education Nation

Accessibility  and advocacy
Universal Design this couple is working at making life situations that people live in truly accessible. also work remotely
Hospice Patients Alliance
Critic of the Dawn
Personal account of being a University Student
Ballast existenz blog written by an adult woman who has autism and uses typing/communication devices to communicate
David Pitonyak – training for people working with those who have “challenging behaviours”

http://www.disabilitymuseum.org/dhm/about/about.html Disability History Museum – anything about disabilities from thousands of years ago to today
Culture as Disability -great site on how society determines what is a disability

Adoption – with increased interest in adopting children I have included the following  websites – not all of them are Christian focused

Nightlight Christian Adoptions http://www.nightlight.org/blog/works with children who have all types of disabilities –resources
Arrow Child and Family http://www.arrow.org/ Texas and Maryland,Christian agency that includes adopting/foster care for children with disabilities
Attachment Disorder http://www.attachment.org/ based in Colorado Christian website with info on dealing with attachment disorders of special needs children
All Blessings International http://www.allblessings.org/ourmission/ourmissionhome.shtml
includes children with disabilities
CHASK  http://www.chask.org/ Adopting children with special needs
Adoption  http://adopting.adoption.com/ resources and information on adoption of all types of special needs


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