Welcome to Deaf Ministries Connection !

Our goal for this site is that you will be able to find a Church-Ministry-School or video that is in YOUR language ! We have been doing this for more than 20 years. Many other websites have used our information to share with people who access their site. That’s ok with us. However this is the only site that we operate so we regularly check to be sure that information is up to date. If you want your church to be included email us at eearl2@aol.com. there is no charge to be listed. We would need your church full name-address=phone=website-email as well as a brief description of what your Deaf Ministry does.

Explanation on how to navigate our site

Deaf Churches : We consider any group of Deaf who meet regularly and worship in sign language as a Deaf Church. While many listed have their own church building there are others who worship in a hearing church. We try to include the name of the hearing church with the Deaf Church so that its easier to find and locate. For those who like numbers we have 205 Deaf Churches listed – are attempting to contact another 33  and waiting for another  12  Deaf Churches to get back in touch with us. There are another 25  Deaf churches that we need to get permission from. SO  if we have contacted you -we would appreciate if you would respond back either way. All we need is a yes or no ! We KNOW there are more out there -just haven’t found them yet. smile   We have nothing listed for Maine, Nevada, Utah.and Wyoming

Interpreted Services : the churches listed here range from churches who have a full team of professionally educated interpreters to churches where one individual learned sign language years ago and started to interpret for one Deaf person that came to church. We attempt to include whether they also have Deaf Classes available. Where it lists Deaf Class -it usually means adult unless otherwise mentioned -For number crunchers we have 344 churches listed and are waiting for permission from 66 churches and are in the process of  trying to get in touch with 580(about 100 of these have either disconnected numbers)  more.  if we have left a message on your church answering machine  or talked to the secretary we would appreciate very much if you would let us know if you want to be listed here (and if you dont want to be listed -let us know that too )  note: we always make sure its ok with the interpreters as well as church leadership before adding which is why we personally try to get in touch with each church. .Our email address is    Eearl2@aol.com  We have nothing listed for South Dakota and Wyoming .

Deaf History – We have quite a few people using our website to do research on history of Deaf Churches. to make it easier we have posted here  a listing of Deaf Churches/Ministries – the year they started and a link to their site that gives more details to when they started.

Resources for Interpreters – There are many sites that teach sign language – but it can be difficult to find specific sites on signs that different churches use and the context ( for instance in verbal English baptism is just one word – but it can have several different meanings  -do you dip 3 times backward? pour? sprinkle?  for adults? infants? ) so we have attempted to include links to various church sites. Also it can be difficult to find medical/science terminology  so we have included links to sites that either explain it visually OR give the signs for medical/scientific terms.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions – mainly questions that people have asked us through the years about what we do

News :  We have updated and edited the section

Ministries – you will notice we list A-C D-I J-P and Q-Z Since there were so many ministries we chose to shorten the category so if you know the first letter to the ministry -for example Deaf Video Communications – look in the D-I category. For others outside the United States we list according to geographical location

Children – There are very few Deaf Ministries that focus on children so to make it easier for busy parents/teachers we included this category

DeafBlind – There are not many ministries/churches that are able to interpret for someone who is DeafBlind so we included this category.

Drama/Music Many Deaf Churches and Deaf Students are looking for resources to do drama. This is the place to look. Some of these will come to your church – others will have Dramas already done in video

Literature/Books – Ministries that have literature/books about Deaf Ministry -Deafness- Deaf awareness info etc

Workshops/Seminars – Are you looking for someone willing to come to your church to help you start a Deaf Ministry ? Does your Deaf Church want someone to do a seminar on a certain topic? this is where to look

Youth/ Teen college age – The teen years and college/young adult years can be difficult for Deaf young people. Here are ministries that have resources –

Services – these are secular organizations that focus on different needs that Deaf have – service dogs, counseling etc

Camps- Deaf Camps for children -many of these are family camps where the entire family can go if they have Deaf family member

Schools -We categorize them into whether they offer majors for ministry or if they only offer ASL classes. Also we list schools in other countries since there are so few educational services for Deaf of any age in many areas

Websites – we also have several categories of these

Deaf/Interpreted Churches not listed elsewhere – We always ask permission before including a church on our site. Many times a church may have interpreted services but for a variety of reasons do not want to be included or want to publicize they are doing it. We respect that and have not included them. On this section we link to those that we know have a Deaf Ministry and have not yet contacted them for permission to be added to the regular site.All of these have mentioned they have a Deaf Ministry on their website so we assume it would be public knowledge. We have 28 Deaf Churches and  106  Interpreted Services listed here.

Deaf Ministries Websites- list of links to websites of churches/ministries that we have listed- also just added European Deaf Alliance links to each country in Europe

Deaf Websites – Deaf services, Hearing Dogs, DeafBlind -mainly secular (not Christian based)

Disabilities – Ministries and websites that focus on those with a variety of disabilities( not including Deaf) esp focused on those who are unable to speak
Eugenics – ever wonder why some people have such an issue with someone who is not physically perfect ?? these sites answer those questions

Christian websites – links to Christian radio stations- websites that you can get Bibles either in audio or read on the web

Webstreamed videos – Deaf Churches-Pastors-ministries that include teaching/worship videos in ASL, organized by state
General Christian Websites – not related to Deafness – just some good sources of info that can be helpful

Video/Magazines –
Videos – ministries that offer videos/DVd’s in sign language – Mostly Christian – some not

We are also on Facebook – look for Deaf Ministries Connection – on that site we give up to date info on different Deaf Ministries activities


6 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. I am so looking forward to speaking with you about “The SHOW and TELL Mission TOUR … to The Potter’s House” really soon!

  2. spottedlee says:

    Hi,, is there a way that you can fix the droplist under “deaf church” and “intrepreted services” I can only go as far as “M” states but not beyound,, even if I maxiize the window.

  3. My wife is in the Navy and she has new orders coming up in a few months. We have the opportunity to select our preferred locations for her next job and this website has been resourceful in determining whether a given location has a deaf ministry, which is important for me, who is deaf. Many thanks for building this database for all to use!

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